Monday, January 2, 2012

vegan holidays

The holidays are pretty much full of dread for us vegans. Besides having to explain to relatives AGAIN why the 'little bit of egg' in the salad does in fact make a difference, just generally being the odd one out in a room where no one respects your position (or wants to understand it) can be pretty soul-destroying.

family xmas lunch
Thankfully this year my family xmas lunch (a week before the 25th) was hosted by my sister who has recently moved back from overseas. Not only did she organise the food so there would be something for me to eat, she also incorporated felafel wraps into the menu (because she knows I love them). It was a really great meal - a shame there was no vegan dessert, but I didn't have time to make four dishes, and heaven forbid anyone else (besides my sis, who did heaps) try to make something vegan.

I made a green bean salad from a recipe I found in a magazine, a summer coleslaw recipe that was at the bottom of this article about Meat Free Mondays from a few weeks ago, and my own baked potatoes recipe that I posted recently. They all turned out really well and I think everybody enjoyed them.

leftover felafel lunch
My sis made some amazing felafels from scratch (which she'll be teaching me how to make soon and is happy for me to share here!) and some beetroot chutney to go with them. We had them in wraps with rocket and olives - they were absolutely delicious. 

Not only that, but she gave me some to take home so I got to enjoy them the next day at work for lunch! In fact, I ate them every meal for two days - and didn't get sick of them - that's how good they are.

I hosted a small New Years Eve soiree at my apartment this year. I have a good friend who's recently had shoulder surgery so wasn't up for a big night, and another friend from Korea staying at my place, so I decided to have a small night at home of nibblies and drinks. My bestie and I have an ongoing joke about pickled veggies on toothpics, so I went a bit retro on the nibbles. I also made some polenta squares and topped them with mushrooms and ratatouille.

polenta squares
It was a great evening, totally vegan, and we could see the city fireworks from the balcony.

Overall, these holidays haven't been too painful. I've had some great food and enjoyed preparing and sharing some vegan recipes.

Something I hope to continue doing in 2012! Happy Vegan New Year!

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